Simple Halloween Crafts for Children to Make

Looking for simple halloween crafts for children to make this October?  Click here to see 5 great ideas that will have kids happily creating in no time.

Looking for simple Halloween crafts for children to make this October?  My kids have made a ton of Halloween crafts over the years.  Keep reading to see some of our favorite craft projects that are a ton of fun and simple enough for kids to make with minimal adult supervision.

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October is fast approaching, and I am already thinking of Halloween.  Each year I like to pick out a few easy Halloween Crafts for kids to make with my daughters and a few of their friends.  We make an afternoon of it, complete with a special Halloween snack.  Afterwards, my kids always have so much fun using their new creations to decorate their rooms for Halloween.

Want some simple Halloween crafts to make with your kids this year?  Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination…

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Pumpkin Masters Kid's Fright LightsPumpkin Masters Kid’s Fright Lights

What would Halloween be without a Jack-o-lantern?  If your kids aren’t old enough to trust with pumpkin carving tools, get them a no carve pumpkin decorating kit.

There are many different pumpkin decorating kits that allow you to make your pumpkin look like a cartoon character, but my kids always preferred the Pumpkin Masters Fright Lights kits.  The Fright Lights kits have translucent pegs (think Light Brights) that are pounded into the pumpkin with a small wooden mallet.

The pegs are pointy on one end so they are fairly easy for the kids to pound into a pumpkin.  Even when my youngest was a toddler, she didn’t have any problem getting the pegs into the pumpkin. (An adult will need to cut off the top and help clean out the seeds and pumpkin innards though.)

Kids can use the patterns that come with the Fright Lights pumpkin decorating kit,  or they can come up with their own design.  After the pegs are inserted in the pumpkin, you put a small battery powered light inside (sometimes included with the kit) and the light shines out through the translucent pegs.   These pumpkins are really cool looking all lit up at night.  When my kids were younger, we used our Fright Lights kit every year.  (You can reuse the pegs – you don’t have to buy a new kit every year.)  Kids really enjoy the Fright Lights kit because they are able to decorate the pumpkin all by themselves.

Would your kids prefer to have a pumpkin that looks like Darth Vader or Minnie Mouse?  See all the no carve pumpkin decorating kits here.

Halloween Foam Craft Kits

Foamies 3D Foam Kit Halloween Haunted House with Owl - Craft Kit for KidsFoamies 3D Foam Kit Halloween Haunted House with Owl – Craft Kit for Kids

If you are looking for fun Halloween craft kits for children to make quickly, foam is always a good choice.  The nice thing about using a foam craft kit is that there is no cutting required. Everything is pre-cut for you so all the kids need to do is glue everything together.

Halloween foam craft kits range from simple, like Halloween themed magnets, to more complex, like a 3-D haunted house.

If you only have 15-30 minutes for your kids to make Halloween crafts, I recommend going with smaller projects like foam magnets or foam picture frames.  Last year at our youngest daughter’s Girl Scout Troop Halloween party, each girl got to make a cute Halloween foam picture frame.  The leader took a picture of each girl in her costume to put in their frame.  They turned out so cute!  My daughter put a magnet on the back of hers and we hung it on the fridge for all of October.

If you have a bit more time for your kids to be creative, I recommend you tackle one of the 3-D foam kits.  My kids have made several foam haunted houses over the years and really enjoyed displaying them in their room during the Halloween season.  The house kits are slightly more complex than other foam craft kits, so smaller children may need a bit more adult guidance when assembling them.

Halloween Shrinky Dinks

Creativity for Kids Shrink Fun Monster LabCreativity for Kids Shrink Fun Monster Lab

What kid doesn’t love Shrinky Dinks?  There’s something fascinating about watching your artwork grow smaller and smaller.  If your kids love shrinky dinks as much as mine did then they will probably enjoy this fun Halloween Shrinky Dinks kit.

This Halloween Shrinky Dinks set comes with enough materials to make 50+ Halloween Monster Shrinky Dinks.  The set also comes with a fun pop-up mad scientist labratory!

Whenever we decorate for each holiday, the kids always like to put out a few decorations in their bedrooms as well.  So this is an inexpensive way to let each child have their own Halloween decorations in their rooms. Plus Shrinky Dinks are just plain fun!

Did you know that you can easily make homemade Shrinky Dinks?  You just need a clear plastic container like the ones you get at a deli or salad bar.  Just make sure that the plastic is labeled on the bottom with a #6 surrounded by recycling arrows.  Not all types of plastic will work, so make sure it has that “#6”.

Cut away the sides of the container so you have a flat plastic sheet.  Now hand your kid some permanent markers and allow them to draw Halloween pictures to their heart’s content.  When they are done with their artwork, bake the homemade shrinky dinks on an aluminum foil covered baking sheet at 350 degrees for about 3-4 minutes.  Allow to cool completely before handling.  (Adults should handle all the tasks involving the oven, of course.)  Your kids can take their miniature works of Halloween art and make them into jewelry or whatever else they desire.

Halloween Clothespin Dolls

The Wizard of Oz Clothespin Doll Kit - ScarecrowThe Wizard of Oz Clothespin Doll Kit – Scarecrow

Another great idea for Halloween crafts for children to make is Halloween clothespin dolls.  You can buy a kit, or you can just use what you already have around the house.

To make a set of Halloween clothespin dolls, you just need your imagination and a few simple supplies.

  •  a wooden clothespin for the doll body
  • scraps of felt for clothes
  • embroidery floss for accents or hair
  • white glue to hold it all together.

In no time, your kids can be creating all sorts of spooky Halloween characters like ghosts, witches, zombies, and more.  You might be amazed with what they end up creating!

Perler Beads for Halloween

Perler Fused Beads Kit, PumpkinPerler Fused Beads Kit, Pumpkin

Kids love Perler beads!  With a little imagination, there is no end to the fun designs that can be created using the beads and peg boards.  Whether they prefer cute designs, like pumpkins or ghosts, or like things a bit more scary, like spiders and zombies, there are quite a few sets of Perler beads for Halloween that will have your kids happily creating in no time.

These Halloween Perler bead patterns can be used by kids age 6 and up.  It is easy for kids to make all sorts of fun designs with Perler beads. They just use the special pegboard that comes with the kit and arrange the colored beads on the pegboard to make a picture.

After your child is done making their picture out of beads, it’s time to fuse it all together. Please note that an adult will need to do the actual fusing so the beads stick together, as it involves using a hot iron.  

It’s easy to fuse the beads.  You just put a sheet of ironing paper (included in the kit) over the design and run a hot iron back and forth over the beads to fuse them together.  Older kids might be able to do this step themselves with adult supervision, but younger kids will definitely need their parents to handle the ironing.

After you have created the design that came in your kit, be sure to head over to Perler’s website to browse the free Halloween Perler bead patterns for even more ideas and inspiration to help keep your kids busy making fused bead creations for hours.

Make a Halloween Paper Mask

Mask It 50209 Paper Mask Kit, 6-PiecesMask It 50209 Paper Mask Kit, 6-Pieces

Another great Halloween craft idea is to let your kids make masks.  This is a super easy craft to get ready.  All you need is plain white paper plates, scissors, markers, and ribbons.

Start by cutting eye holes in the paper plates.  Older children can do this themselves, but if you are dealing with preschoolers or toddlers, you might want to do this ahead of time.

Let the kids go wild decorating their masks with markers.  You can also supply glitter, glue, and crafty odds and ends, like feathers, if you want. After the kids have decorated their masks, attach a ribbon at each side so the kids can wear them.

If you prefer a more intricate mask, you can make a Halloween paper mask using a kit.

Even more simple Halloween crafts for children to make

For even more quick and easy Halloween crafts for kids, be sure to check out this video.

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Looking for simple halloween crafts for children to make this October?  Click here to see 5 great ideas that will have kids happily creating in no time.

So tell me…  Do you have any other ideas for simple Halloween crafts for children to make?  If so, be sure to leave me a comment below.  What sorts of Halloween crafts are your family making this year?

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