Make a Doll-Sized Baking Sheet for your 18 inch Doll Kitchen

Yesterday I told you about the AG doll sized Valentine cookies I found at Hobby Lobby. I am in the process of making an 18 inch doll kitchen scene for Emily, so I thought it would be fun to make a doll-sized baking sheet to use with the Valentine cookies. I had all the supplies on hand so it was free to make!

This is a great craft to do with your kids. As always, children should get their parent’s permission before making this or any other craft listed on this site.

Materials needed to make this AG Doll craft:

4 x 5 inch piece of aluminum foil
3 x 4 inch piece of 1/16 inch Balsa or bass wood (you could also use sturdy cardboard)
Elmer’s glue
Scissors, Exacto Knife (adult use only)
Doll-sized cookies – polymer clay, resin, plastic, etc. (optional)

18 inch doll crafts balsa wood

Cut your wood or cardboard to the correct size. I discovered you can cut the balsa wood with scissors, but it is probably better to use an Exacto Knife. (Kids should have their parents do that step.)

18 inch doll crafts

Spread glue evenly on the back of the wood or cardboard and place in the middle of the aluminum foil. You want to glue it to the dull side of the foil. If you don’t measure your foil exactly, then just trim it to have a border of approx. 1 inch all the way around the wood.

18 inch doll crafts

Next cut a slit in the foil from the corner of the foil to the corner of the wood. Using the picture above as your guide, fold each the triangle formed by the slits inward to form a foil flap. Repeat all the way around the sheet. This will help ensure smooth edges around your baking sheet with no excess foil.

18 inch doll crafts

We want a lip for one of the sides of our baking sheet. So take one of the short edges and fold it towards the wood about 3/4 inch in and glue in place. The extra foil will be shaped upward to form the lip of your baking pan.

18 inch doll crafts

Fold in and glue the remaining 3 edges. If desired you can use a rectangle foil scrap to cover the remaining wood on the back of the baking sheet.

18 inch doll crafts

Fold the lip upward to like look a real cookie sheet.

18 inch doll crafts

Glue the cookies to the top of the baking sheet if desired or leave them loose. It’s up to you. I chose to glue mine down. This AG doll craft was so easy to make I will probably just make a new one for the different holidays. My husband is going to start building my 18 inch doll kitchen this weekend, so keep an eye out for more 18 inch doll kitchen crafts as I work to get it decorated. So tell me… what sorts of AG Doll Crafts have you been making lately?

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