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Why buy it when you can make it? American Girl doll crafts are a great way to make accessories and clothing for a fraction of what American Girl charges.

American Girl Dolls are expensive to be sure, but I have found that they hold up much better to play than their less expensive counterparts. So I was willing to pay the cost for the dolls. However, I was shocked at how pricey the accessories and furniture were! Since I am crafty, I decided that we would make them instead of buying them.

I have discovered that with a little creativity and effort, you can make a ton of wonderful crafts for your 18 inch Dolls at a fraction of the cost. My daughters and I love crafting together so making something for their dolls is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Whether you enjoy sewing, crochet, plastic canvas, or wood crafts, there are all sorts of American Girl doll crafts to make for that special little 18 inch doll fan in your life to enjoy. Happy crafting!

DIY American Girl Doll Mailbox

Does your little girl love American Girl dolls? Then they will love this DIY American Girl doll mailbox!  Keep reading to learn how to make one. With Valentine’s Day in just a few weeks, I thought it would be a good time to move this AG doll mailbox tutorial to Creatively Homemade.  (I own about 10 different niche sites and… Read More »

Make a Doll Wardrobe Closet

Do you need a way to organize your doll clothes and accessories? This project to make a doll wardrobe closet might be just what you need to keep everything neat and tidy. For the longest time, my daughters stored their American Girl doll clothes and accessories in a big Rubbermaid bin.  It was just a big jumbled mess.  So… Read More »

AG Doll Halloween Candy Bucket ~ American Girl Doll Plastic Canvas Pattern

Does that special little girl in your life want to take her doll along trick-or-treating this year? This AG doll Halloween Candy Bucket is quick to work up and would be a great addition to any 18 inch doll Halloween costumes.  Keep reading to learn how to make one. With Halloween fast approaching, I couldn’t resist making a quick… Read More »