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Tips for a Greener Home

Earth Day

Each year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. This is the biggest non-religious holiday in the world celebrated by half a billion people.

Green Earth Day

What an awesome idea!

I believe this will raise a lot of awareness inhttps://www.earthday.org/ many people who have not thought about environmental issues before. The fact of the matter is our planet is slowly dying. We need to act now or our kids and grandkids will be paying the price of our irresponsibilty later. If everone does their little bit of conscious decisions and applies that into everyday life, things will start falling into place. Fear and uncertainly will become a thing of the past. Our planet’s future will be greener and safer. Fingers crossed. Go on Earth Day!

We need to apply a few small things in practice to invite the green idea to our homes. Decorating our homes in “green” is a hot new trend, and here we are not talking about colour at all. The good thing is that following some of the tips can satisfy us from the desire to protect nature, but it can reduce our monthly bills.

Collect Your Domestic Rubbish Separately

Waste Collection and Separating Starts at Home

A classical way of making our home “green” is the separate waste collection. Every one of us has seen differently coloured waste containers. Not all waste is appropriate for recycling, and you need to know exactly which objects are suitable for separate collection: paper waste, plastics, metal and glass. Also, don’t forget that throwing waste in the toilet is one of the most dangerous decisions for the environment. Everything thrown in the drain, the sink or the bathroom can eventually turn out in rivers and seas. If you pay attention to these not so complicated things, be sure that the first step towards your “green home” is taken.

Domestic Recycling

Save Water

If you want your home to be “greener”, you must treat natural resources with respect. There aren’t almost any places in which water is insufficient in our country, but despite all, we need to take care and not waste it in vain. Choose a shower with low consumption of water. Close the tap every time you don’t need the water stream.

Water Saving Tips at Home

Whenever you brush your teeth, wash your face or take a shower, don’t leave the faucet open, run the water to clean and then stop it when you are busy with other activities. When you do the dishes and treat them with detergent, prevent the water and start it again to wash them. When you cook, and you need to wash your hands frequently, use a small dish with water instead of leaving the tap running. When you take a ten-minute shower, use less than 1/3 of water instead of the amount of water needed for a bath.

These are just two of the main steps you need to take to start living a little bit more healthily and make your home “greener”, but they are a good start.

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